How do we know what makes a human believe in Gods? This question has plagued religionists from the dawn of time. Unfortunately, none of them have been able to find out the secret reason behind the unexplainable faith that human beings show when they talk about their gods. Fortunately for the rest of us, an answer has finally been found.

The secret that has been revealed is that all religious beliefs are nothing more than self-serving attempts to trick the human brain into accepting some magic or supernatural powers as being real. Once the mind accepts these false beliefs, it becomes very difficult to remove these artificial thoughts from the brain. Even more difficult is the fact that most scientists have discovered that there are no physical laws that can be described by science that will allow for the existence of any God. In other words, science has discovered the fact that all of these ideas that human beings believe in are nothing but pure fantasy. Visit this site for more information.

What makes a human believe in Gods? For many centuries, religious movements have been used to justify wars and violence. The only reason that these people believe in such things is that they want to use these things to frighten human beings into obeying them and doing what is right. If there was really a God, there would be nothing to be afraid of and wars would never occur. Unfortunately, this is just wishful thinking on the part of religious zealots.

When scientists finally revealed the truth about what makes a human believe in Gods, many people became extremely depressed and started criticizing these scientists for exposing their religion to futility. They claimed that these scientists were trying to prove that God did not exist. The scientist had proven that all existing religions were false. The humans who attacked these scientists and attacked the truth had done so because they wished to maintain the status quo of society and to keep God out of their lives.

Now that you know what makes a human believe in gods, you need to understand that you should not blindly follow them no matter how reasonable you may think that they are. You should use some common sense and search all over the world for evidence that supports the religious belief that you hold. If the religious belief that you hold is incorrect, then you should move on and find another belief system that is more rational. There is no better course of action than self-examination.

If what makes a human believe in gods is based on blind faith, then you should look in the mirror and ask yourself why you are following such a belief. Are you scared by the unknown? If so, you should try and find scientific evidence that backs up your religion instead of just relying on blind faith. Change your beliefs and see what happens.