Community service is basically unpaid work done by an individual or organization for the benefit and improvement of the community without any monetary compensation being given. Community service can be different from voluntary work, because it can be obligatory per circumstance and sometimes is even performed on a volunteer basis. Many people are of the opinion that community service means work for free, however in most cases this is not true.

The government usually provides the resources necessary to set up a community service program, which means that they do the work for you, but in some cases you have to foot the bill. Most of these organizations require volunteers for their programs, because they do not have the financial capacity to hire workers for a period of time.

In general it should be mentioned that volunteering is always better than serving in the armed forces, which would require you to sacrifice a lot in terms of your salary. You can easily make a living from volunteer work, as long as you are skilled in your chosen field. Click here for more information about Certificate IV in youth work.

If you are able to work in such a position, it can also help you to get money for your own time and effort. Sometimes you may also be given tasks for free, as a reward for doing something for the community, but you should ask permission before doing so. There is no reason to refuse a project offered by someone you know, because you are volunteering for their community. Many volunteers are also required to sign an agreement stating that if they quit the volunteer work, they are not allowed to work with children for at least three years.

The best thing about volunteering in the community is that it requires you to put yourself in situations where you have to use your brain, which helps you improve your communication skills. If you want to go to the grocery store and get a change, it takes some time to figure out what the prices of items are and how to find them, but when you volunteer for your community service projects you can learn a lot of things in a very short period of time.

You can even try to set up your own community service organizations, so that you can teach others how to do the same, thus helping them gain some extra income by setting up programs in schools and camps. These are just some of the reasons why more people are opting for community service.