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The serial number of Coreldraw Graphics Suite runs on Windows and customers can use the trial version to see if the product performs as. Looking for CorelDRAW ? Or do you own an older version? Download CorelDRAW Graphics Suite for free today and see the newest design features. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite , free download. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite is a leading graphic design software.


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Before starting your appliance, the user manual should be read through carefully. Follow all the safety instructions and warnings, and be guided by the given recommendations. User manual is an integral part of any Corel product, and if it is sold or transferred, they should be handed over jointly with the product. Following the instructions for use is an essential prerequisite for protecting health and property during use, as well as recognition of liability on the part of the manufacturer for possible defects should you make a warranty claim.

Download an official Corel user manual in which you will find instructions on how to install, use, maintain and service your product. And do not forget — unsuitable use of a Corel product will considerably shorten its lifespan!

Product description For students seeking a seamless design experience in the academic realm, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite offers a comprehensive solution for graphics, layout, illustration, tracing, photo editing, web images, print projects, art and more. This version offers innovative features, including Symmetry drawing mode, Block Shadow tool, bitmap perspectives, and publishing to WordPress.

Students can enhance their creative journey with built-in help, training videos, templates, and thousands of royalty-free images, and be even more productive with faster processing and unmatched compatibility for saving, sharing or printing. Block Shadow Tool Add solid vector shadows to objects and text with this interactive feature that reduces the time getting a file ready for output.

It accelerates reprographic workflows by greatly reducing the number of lines and nodes in shadows. In addition to the existing default setting, you can choose from two new options to create perfectly designed and defined corners.

Pointillizer Generate high-quality vector mosaics from any number of selected vector or bitmap objects with just a few clicks. Inspired by the Pointillism painting technique, it’s great for creating vehicle wraps, window decor projects, and more.

Impact Tool Give your designs a little more spark. It’s perfect for effortlessly adding movement or focus to an element in a drawing. Effects are nondestructive, highly customizable vector objects that can be edited with other tools. Align and Distribute Nodes Align and distribute nodes using the bounding box of a selection, the page edge or center, the closest grid line, or a specified point. Distributing nodes is just as easy, adding equal spacing between them horizontally or vertically.

Straighten Photos Interactively Rotate crooked images by interactively aligning a straightening bar to an element in the photo or specifying an angle of rotation. All controls are easily accessible on screen or on the property bar for perfect results in minutes. Customize Curve Preview and Editing Use a keyboard shortcut to replace the main color with the secondary color or vice versa and make node and handle preview easier, even in the most complex designs. Image Editing PhotoCocktail Create stunning photo collages.

Start with a photo or vector object as the foundation of your mosaic, then choose a library of bitmap images as the mosaic tiles, and let PhotoCocktail do the rest. Bilinear Zooming Get another magnification option with the introduction of bilinear zooming. It adds pixels by averaging the color values of surrounding pixels when zooming out, which prevents jagged edges and improves the display quality of sharp images that have fine detail.

Adjust Photo Perspective Interactively Use the interactive Perspective Correction tool to adjust the perspective of buildings, landmarks, or objects in photos. Simply line up the four corner points with a shape that should be rectangular to adjust the entire shot. Typography Embedding Rights Font Filter Ensure hassle-free file sharing with the new Embedding Rights font filter to sort fonts based on four common font-embedding permissions and identify which fonts to use or avoid when choosing text styles.

Use the font filtering feature to find specific fonts. Corel Font Manager Organize and manage your font library with the intuitive Corel Font Manager and user your favorite fonts without installing them, and work faster with fonts using the network storage feature. You choose where to store content rather than use the default folders. Layout Tools Toggle Snapping Turn off snapping options with a click of the Snap Off button, or use keyboard shortcuts to toggle snapping on or off.

Disable snapping as you’re repositioning without having to release the cursor. Fit Objects to a Path Fit any type and number of objects to a path of your choice. Smart spacing and rotation settings help you customize the arrangement of objects along the path. Add Perspective Effect Quickly create the illusion of distance and depth by applying perspective to bitmaps, vector objects or both directly in the drawing window. It’s an ingenious tool to showcase artwork in real world scenarios.

Apply Envelopes to Bitmaps Shape a bitmap interactively by placing it in an envelope and dragging its nodes. You are able to adjust various diverse attributes like brightness, contrast, intensity, location, rotation, scale and dimensions.

It has got a traditional menu-shaped interface that will offer the consumers with the functions that facilitate the photo editing, web graphics layout and creation of a number of their special content. It is an entirely free offline installer for your PC via getintop. Download Full Setup [1. Web Into PC. Search Search.