The most obvious reason to start eating vegetables is to lose weight. Vegetables are high in fiber, very filling, and contain no fat. They’re also among the most nutritious foods available so you can eat a lot of them without worrying about getting sick of all the vitamins and minerals. Here’s a list of a few low-calorie but nutritious vegetables that will help you lose weight.

Fruits and Vegetables are superfoods and therefore should be an integral part of every weight loss program. By eating more fruits and vegetables you’ll feel full longer and thus eat less calories. There are many different varieties of fruits and vegetables, so it’s important that you make sure you get enough servings of each kind. Visit jejum intermitente emagrece quantos quilos por dia for more information.

Potatoes are one of the least expensive, healthiest, and most effective foods for losing weight. But if you’re trying to lose weight you need to use only organic, red, and green beans because they have the most fiber and nutrients. Be careful with the size of your potato chips because the chip boxes are filled with empty calories and can add up to pounds of unwanted weight. If you really can’t stand potatoes, try baked potatoes or white potatoes. They have fewer calories and more fiber than the big ones and will still feel full.

Healthy Breakfast Snacks Many people skip breakfast and eat a big lunch because they think that it’s not necessary to get started on the right foot. But by skipping breakfast you will put yourself at a disadvantage because you won’t be able to take in enough calories to keep up your metabolism. A good idea to go with a healthy breakfast is a bowl of cereal with a cup of milk or juice in the morning. After your first meal of the day, snack on a handful of nuts such as macadamia nuts or cashews, and some low-calorie yogurt. You don’t want to snack on tons of sugar-filled, calorie-dense pastries or cookies during your mealtime; although these foods may taste good, they won’t help you lose weight.

Healthy Lunch You probably shouldn’t skip lunch unless you’re on a diet alert or have other health problems. Most diet plans recommend one plate of food for two people, but if you’re trying to lose weight you’ll probably want to adjust this to three plates so that your body can burn calories evenly throughout the day. Two healthy choices for lunch are a salad and a cup of soup or cold vegetables such as broccoli or spinach. One study showed that people who ate lunch times per week lost twice the amount of weight compared to those who ate their meals only once a week.

Healthy Dinner These are the times when you can choose to eat something healthy instead of a fatty snack and still feel full. For example, a baked potato is a satisfying snack with little guilt, and can be part of your dinner when you make it with lots of extra calories. Vegetable soup is also filling and satisfying, and can help you lose weight if you pair it with whole-grain pasta and healthy butter. Don’t forget to snack on carrot sticks or apple slices, which are also filling but don’t make you feel hungry through the course of the day.