The most popular video of the series is where they cut the new shoe in half, which earned over 7.1 million views. Analyze your results after the campaign and learn what to do differently next time. Optimized your YouTube channel’s visual branding and description. Most YouTube ads are videos but you can also place banner ads, either in videos or on the website. You can also make your video ads either skippable after 5 seconds, or unskippable. You can even add translated versions of your captions to better serve a multilingual audience or earn more international views.

By seeing what people are saying about you or your industry, you can find out what people want to know and use that for video content ideas. To start, it’s helpful to know some basic YouTube demographics. YouTube has over 2 billion users and 72% of American internet users regularly browse YouTube. 77% of people aged use YouTube and unlike other social platforms, there isn’t a large dropoff in that rate for older users.

If you know nothing about creating a YouTube channel this book has all the foundational suggestions. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, this book will show you how to use YouTube to build a following, create a lucrative business, and make a massive impact in people’s lives. Take a journey through the dynamic history of advertising and discover how it has evolved into a living entity. Understanding the continual growth of advertising is crucial for entrepreneurs looking to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape. During tumultuous times, businesses must adapt quickly to survive.

Hootsuite can schedule all your social media posts, including YouTube videos. This becomes your benchmark to measure your channel by each month. Then it’s time to adjust your YouTube marketing strategy.

That being said, as long as brands exercise caution – and partner with influencers that match their own brand values – there’s no reason why the ‘YouTuber’ trend won’t continue to flourish. Customised thumbnails can also be effective for generating views, with branded design again helping to create consistency and familiarity for viewers. Recently, YouTube has been in the headlines, but not for the most positive reasons.

This can also come through featuring the same people or coming back to a recurring theme or topic. The overarching benefit is that viewers get to know what to expect from a channel, with familiarity helping to build loyalty over time. I believe that diversity is critical in startup fundraising. Different types of investors offer different perspectives. Traditional VCs are proven investors, but in challenging economic times – such as now – they reduce the amount they invest.

Then, design a logo that appeals to your target demographic. Use both of these elements to design your channel art and profile pictures for other social media platforms. During this process, entrepreneurs must be flexible in hearing feedback and adjusting their offerings to address it. In my experience, most startups start with fundamentally good ideas, but they need to listen to customers and adjust the product, service or price structure along the way. Let’s review some of the secrets I share with entrepreneurs to help them grow their startups effectively.

Whoever you choose to be, make sure it’s authentic to who you truly are. The relationship you have with your audience is the foundation of your channel’s success. The size of a foundation doesn’t matter if it isn’t strong enough to bear the weight of the structure it upholds. Similarly, your success will only last if your relationship with your audience is rock solid.

Now we’re ready to tackle your secrets of successful YouTube strategies. To market your business on YouTube — whether you’re an entrepreneur or an enterprise corporation — you need to produce what your target customers want. It is, as long as you know what your customers really want and it’s not just what you think they want, which is a trap far too many businesses fall into.

Sam, the founder of the channel, has already branched out to other infrastructure-related industries—trains, ports, etc.—but his focus on the airline industry built a loyal following, including myself. From product development to TikTok Shop, we look at effective strategies on the entertainment platform and showcase some brand examples. When Facebook bought the popular messaging service WhatsApp for approximately $20bn in 2014, some observers questioned how Facebook would ever make its money back, let alone profit. One of the biggest misconceptions about YouTube is that success only happens if a video goes viral.