Cigar lighters come in many shapes and sizes. Most of them have one of the most recognizable shapes, the cigar-shaped body with a thumb hole and a cap with a cigar-shaped handle. These lighters are often made out of brass or steel but sometimes are just solid stainless steel. The price range for these lighters can be from under ten dollars to well over twenty dollars. Some of them have modifications like interchangeable caps or a thumb ring so they can be used as less expensive cigar lighters.

Cheapo disposable cigar lighters are good for the backyard and will not cause a panic, should your friend accidentally drops it into a puddle or secures it all the way home to Minnesota for the weekend. They also can be used by hikers and hunters in areas where matches must be lit. You could easily purchase one of these at any sporting goods department store for around five dollars. You can also stand to get a couple of cigar lighters as stocking stuff for your friends. This is a cheap way to light up with a reliable brand. Visit here for more information about best cigar hygrometers

There are five best brands of cigar lighters and I am going to name them as they are the ones I personally own and use. They are: Stick, VivaZoom, Masterpiece, Nica Mae, and Villaware. The three are a bit of a stretch to put in the same category, but they do all have one thing in common: good taste. So, let’s get started.

Stick cigar lighter – This is probably the most well known of all of the cigar lighters. It comes in both a cutter version and a box cutter. The cutter has a double barrel design that allows for easy removal of the burnt end from the cigar. The cutter also adds another lighter fluid cup so you don’t have to use the same lighter fluid that you used on the original cigar.

VivaZoom – This is my personal favorite as far as cigar lighters go. It is very well made, the prices are reasonable, and it lights easily and burns consistently all the way down to the end. This also happens to be one of the best priced cigar lighters as well. The VivaZoom torch lighter has many features including an adjustable heat dial, a battery door key, a removable mouthpiece, and even a safety key that will shuts off the electricity when the flame gets too hot.

Nica Mae – This one is my personal favorite as well. It is the lighter of the bunch. The Nica Mae has a very sturdy lid that does not touch the cigar as most lighters will when the cigar is not being lit. When the cigar is finished being lit, the lid is very flimsy and does not hold the flame height well. This means you have to put in some effort to make sure the cigar gets burned down to the end.