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Hello there, I have SketchUp and will like to open files in newer versions. Many thanks and hope to hear back from you soon, Hanna. You could upgrade to , at a cost. You can upload the file s to 3D Warehouse and download them as files.

An updated version of what? I can copy and paste text, but not shapes. I am also using Layout , version I would like to know if this can be fixed. This has been going on forever. I have tried many work around. This is shame. I have about given up on this.

If you find out anything, feel free to send me a note. Does it generate a BugSplat, and if so, have you been submitting them to Trimble with your contact info filled in? Dynamic Components. SketchUp , measurements , vcb , su Feature Requests. SketchUp components.

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So there is only one video card, and apparently that why there is nothing to choose. In particular, it has not been changed since April , when I installed SketchUp update The original was installed in December I have used SketchUp regularly during that time, and it worked fine until about a week ago. I have hand-dated printouts of my plans.

The Lenovo update history does not seem complete. From the Lenovo history, I get:. After selecting that it crashed with:. Cannot find or open the PDB file. Honestly, I think Sketchup is forcing everyone to switch to SketchupFree or SketchupPro as they are discontinuing the SketchupMake for any year before that.

Aka, there will no longer be any free downloadable Sketchup programs…only the free web browser one SketchupFree or the paid version SketchupPro. I got SketchupMake crashing with a bug splat too. Did you ever try updating your graphics driver either from Lenovo or directly from Nvidia? I have seen many times that after a Windows or other system update things with SketchUp or other OpenGL-using software start to go weird, and installing a graphics driver update fixes things. Thanks for your response.

At the time there were no new graphics drivers.



Open Newer version files in older version of sketchup – Pro – SketchUp Community.


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