These types of mistakes can easily be prevented by having us work with your designer from the start. Google make many changes to their algorithms and it’s important that you stay up to date with their changes. A drop in positions isn’t always down to something you have done, it could be that Google are now valuing a competitors site more than yours. Our job as your SEO consultants is to review an changes in position and help you get back on top.

Be wary of anyone offering you guarantees when it comes to SEO. Some companies can appear to promise you the world, but nobody can guarantee top rankings on Google. It takes time, effort and careful application of skill to maximise your position in the results, without breaking any of Google’s guidelines. Its been great working with imagefix, they’re friendly, helpful and very good at what they do. Geemac needed a new website and logo, so we asked for their help.

Thank you so much Gary and your team for your hard work ,much appreciated. We have many SEO tools available to us that will help identify the most important keywords to rank your business for. The tools at our disposal will tell us the volume of monthly searches and their difficulty to rank for.

One free tool we use is Google’s Keyword Planner which gives good keyword tips. We also use a range of paid for tools and tools we have developed in house. We also complete manual research to find the intent for those keywords. If you want more specific timescales for ranking your website then contact me and I will complete some analysis and give you a better idea for what I can do for you and your business. I’ll give you an no-obligation, no-hassle estimate to improve your rankings and grow your business. I have seen Google progress over the years, I have had to reverse engineer their algorythms an untold number of times, processed many different updates such as Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird etc..

Our website audit will highlight everything we need to address to ensure your website is running and performing at the best level. Your visitors want to see well-written, useful content, but Google also needs to value your content if it is going to rank you well. Original, well composed and concise content will be rewarded online. Our bespoke process for SEO Hitchin is a 3 step strategy; analysis, implementation, results tracking. We use current SEO strategies designed to optimise the affect of Googles latest updates. All this is integrated to suit your companies goals and ambitions.

We offer a FREE template mockup with no obligation to order in Hitchin. This is simply to give you an indication of how your site could look with your branding and colours. Content optimisation helps maximise your organic visibility and the ability of your website to attract the right audience.

We only use ethical, proven strategies that work time and time again. Quantifiable, Google-compliant SEO work that delivers reliable results. As a reflection of your company it is essential that your website leaves a memorable impression and enhances your brand to deliver professional results.

Search Engine Optimisation success will lead to more people visiting your website, more customers and a better ROI. Once I’ve received your details, I’ll will reply to schedule a time for us to discuss your Search Engine Optimisation needs – i’m happy to chat even if you’re just looking for some tips from an SEO consultant. We added full width slideshows on content pages to let visitors easily see each room of the property. Therefore, depending on the screen size being used, the content will automatically resize & format to display perfectly. If you want a video call or a meeting to discuss progress, even better!