We are a wholesale operation and currently sell primarily in India, though we have executed several export orders. With this website we hope to be able to cater to a wider customer base.

The delivery time of this option varies between 4 to 7 weeks, but this is a relative cheap way of transportation to the USA and Canada. Depending on the priority of the shipment, another option is airfreight delivery. This option is more costly, but the delivery times vary between 2 to 7 days. Ask your local sales representative about the various options of shipping Horticultural supplies to the USA or Canada without any obligations. Before you decide to request a quotation for horticulture supplies, it is advisable to absorb knowledge about the possibilities and options.

Like everything in nature some things stay the same, some things change, Summer and Winter, Spring and Harvest come round year after year, but no two years are the same. Spring is nearly here and JFH are committed as ever to supporting you throughout this season. We focus on a quick turnaround of products and if we don’t have the exact product you require we will work with you to find an alternative in the most efficient manner. CONTINUITYHere to supply goods and service, today, tomorrow and whenever the customer requires them. ALERTNESSWe are committed to take the lead in providing goods, services and solutions with a rapid response to help our clients grow.

If you want to request multiple horticultural supplies, it easier to login. Now you have access to your cart and are able to place one quotation request with multiple supplies. Here you can find the seven themes Royal Brinkman has to supply the growers completely. When you click on the theme you want, you see the next categories of this theme.

To make it easier to find suitable products royalbrinkman.com offers three features for quickly finding the right product. We specialize in design and production of pots and plastic items as per your concepts and export world wide- please contact us for custom designed pots. We’re delhi based business intelligence company, dedicated to make world class business intelligence products that will help you make your business efficient, productive & scalable.