An international award-winning exhibition, Grove Square Galleries presents work by some of the most celebrated names in European art today. Established in 2021, Grove Square is located in the heart of London, between Covent Garden and Knightsbridge. It is London’s leading exhibition centre and its collections span all disciplines and include contemporary, European, British and American art. Offering an unmatched panoramic view of London and its landmarks, this unique venue presents work by some of the world’s best known artists.

A contemporary art gallery is the ideal location to research and purchase original works by some of the most famous contemporary artists in the UK. Established in 2021, Grove Square Galleries presents an unparalleled opportunity for collectors to explore and purchase original art from some of the world’s most exciting contemporary artists, whilst providing an invaluable advisory service to art lovers. Combining a comprehensive website with a wealth of information and advice on attending exhibitions and buying contemporary art, the Gallery proudly displays more than one thousand art pieces from across the world. Set in one of the most prestigious and stylish locations in London, Grove Squaregalleries provides a wealth of information and guide services to help you plan your next art-related trip.

With an expert advisory service and an exceptional wealth of knowledge and information on presenting contemporary art, the Gallery is perfect for both independent buyers and established collectors. In addition to an extensive website, the Gallery partners with leading experts such as Paul Ruschmann and Philip Doyle to provide a wealth of information on participating in local events, attending local events and promoting local businesses. Located in the heart of London, the Gallery is committed to supporting the local communities through supporting key charities and organisations, supporting local schools and offering a valuable educational resource to students living in the surrounding areas. Through combining physical exhibitions and online promotion, the Gallery is committed to ensuring that everyone has a chance to experience the power of contemporary art.

The Gallery’s commitment to local development and social responsibility cannot be questioned, with projects including a free art school, a community gardening centre, a series of workshops and a free daycare, as well as a series of solo exhibitions and collaborative efforts with local businesses to promote the area through local adverts and promotions. Attending a solo exhibition at Grove Square Galleries offers both an opportunity to view and purchase a specific work by a renowned artist, or to add an unusual piece to an existing collection. For visitors to this gallery who wish to purchase contemporary art but who may not have a background in the traditional art context, the interplay between the solo exhibition of a work of art by a recognised and talented artist and the supportive and engaging environment of the Gallery makes an ideal and stimulating combination. In this respect, the Gallery’s commitment to supporting local businesses and helping to make London a more vibrant and liveable place to live cannot be overlooked.

Most visitors to the Gallery are not looking for contemporary art, but will be browsing through art collections belonging to different periods in the history of European art. Two major exhibitions in Grove Square, Christening of David and Solomon Babbitts and The John Keats Collection exhibition are two examples of the wide variety of subjects covered at the Gallery. While the former comprises only works produced by the sainted David Babbitts, the latter includes works from different artists, all based in or inspired by the North East of England. Of interest to the public will be the Jacket, The Courtship of Eve, An Occasion at Lambeth Palace, The Seasons of Snow, The Seasons of Sun, The Seasons of Gold, The Seasons of Snow, Thebes and Paphos, St. Peter’s Church, and Sedgwick Cathedral, amongst other significant art pieces. For those interested in purchasing works of art, however, it will be necessary to consult a qualified professional art adviser to advise on the suitable purchase of works of particular subject matter.

Grove Square Galleries, situated at a location that has considerable visibility from the city centre, has been the home of some very prominent and famous names in the UK contemporary art including the likes of Banksy, whose graffiti covered the walls of the National Gallery in London. The Gallery is currently undergoing a major makeover, with the imminent opening of a brand new venue bringing forth a number of fresh ideas from the Gallery’s present collection. Though it is yet to announce any major new attractions, it is understood that a major artist, who was in discussion with the Galleries about possible collaborations, has decided to bring the works of his/her equally famous contemporary artists to be showcased in the new venue. A representative from the Gallery will be present at the launch event to sign off on behalf of the artists.