Delivery times can vary depending on the retailer and your location in India. We also offer same-day or next-day delivery options, while others may take up to 5 days to deliver your plant pots. Our modern hanging pots in online are the best approach to increase both the indoor and outside style appeal on your home.

These materials create gorgeous, natural-looking pots and planters to fit with any event or decorating theme. While these pots are made of stone, many are lightweight for easy use and transport. Bringing elements from nature into your home or event creates a lush, ethereal environment. We carry pots and planters made from a variety of materials like wood, clay, and stone.

Our Bloempotten kopen & planters are a great and inexpensive way to add colour and texture to your homes. And if there’s not enough space in your apartment you can get the ASKHOLMEN plant stand to stack your flora or the SOCKER box to hang them from your windowsill. Yes, plants can live better in ceramic planters as they provide excellent drainage because of their porous material, allowing excess water to escape which prevents root rot. Moreover, flower planters in ceramic material can maintain soil temperature, which is crucial for the growth and survival of plants.

From indoor plant pots to quirky flower pots, we boast the largest planter collection curated from top manufacturers in India. Outdoor Planters If you have an outdoor garden, such as a backyard kitchen garden or a lawn or a balcony or patio where you’d love to include greens, outdoor planters are what you need. We have outdoor planters that can accommodate small to big planters, flower planters for flower beds and kitchen garden as well. You’ll also find wall planters, railing planters and flower pots online for balconies as well. Our well thought decor ideas provide a peculiar shine to our artistic vases.

Buy our cheap hanging pots online in India for your balcony, backyard or windows, it makes peaceful aura to your home. In our shop, we provide plant containers that are made out of premium materials, assure you to serve you for long years. Build your outdoor beautifully with our garden pots to assure proper air quality in your home. You can also use our pots in your lawn, kitchen garden, or balcony garden.