Our mobile patrol security officers can communicate with our 24-hour control room, should they need help or assistance. Secondly, it’s been proven that mobile patrol services can have a positive impact on deterring and preventing crime. The presence of a mobile patrol alone can be enough to deter criminal activity from taking place on your premises. All of our mobile patrol security officers fully SIA licensed and available at short notice and payable on a per visit basis.Domestic and commercial properties are often targets for burglars, intruders or vandals but our mobile security patrols london are an ideal and effective method for protecting your property from external issues. Westminster Security can respond to alarm activation’s at your property, remotely view CCTV informing the emergency services if required. We can attend your property within 20 minutes and conduct a full search of the property and grounds, reporting back to our control room who will submit a report via email to the point of contact, or call in an emergency. In cases of criminal damage or trespass, we will organise emergency repairs to secure the property. Contact us for more information on our key holding and alarm response services in London.

Each security guard is individually vetted and selected from some of the UK’s most elite military units. Astute, proactive and physically robust our operatives are licensed in close protection and are highly experienced. All of our services are regulated by the Government Security Industry Authority . When you book mobile patrols with Urban Security Guards, we will arrange a detailed meeting with you and a full inspection of your site to develop an entirely customized patrol schedule. At Key Patrol we believe in adding value to our service where possible, without impeding our primary function – security. We can provide a fully managed out of hours service, allowing access to your chosen contractors such as engineers, boarding up services or clients as required.

Our fully licensed Security Industry Authority Patrol Officers are on hand and available to attend both agreed patrols and emergencies, ensuring that your premises are kept safe, and you and your team can avoid dangerous situations. Only Approved Contractor Scheme security guarding companies scoring in the top 15% in Security Industry Authority benchmarking and assessments are eligible to join this elite group. It is reassuring to know that you are protecting your property and making sure that you, your family or staff members are not being placed in a potentially dangerous situation. A full detailed report will then be provided to our pre-arranged contact within the business.

While CCTV offers some protection against burglary and vandalism, our flexible patrol services provide a reliable and cost-effective way to prevent your residence or business from being a temptation for criminals. Though based in Hammersmith, West London, we offer our affordable security services nationwide. Our sole aim is to ensure that we meet all the security patrolling security needs of our clients in the best way at affordable pricing. Urban Security aims to provide affordable plans to work around your time and meet the security requirements when you need them most, especially for mobile patrolling.

Before we send any security guards on a new mobile patrol we work with you to establish what you would like done in the event of a break-in, theft, emergency or other extenuating circumstance. We will follow your exact instructions and protocols to ensure any issues are handled precisely how you want them to be handled. DGCS Patrol Officers have the ability to move around and monitor your businesses.