Commercial Advertisement is a promotion communication which uses an officially endorsed, visibly displayed advertisement to market or promote a commercial product, service or concept. Advertisers of commercial advertisement are usually larger corporations wishing to market their goods or services to the general public. Advertisers pay for space on television, radio or the printed media to have their commercial advertised to the public. Sometimes advertisers will pay directly to the public to have their commercial advertised on newspapers, magazines or billboards. Private companies may advertise themselves through publications like the Yellow Pages or by running full-page ads in trade journals and other publications that reach a particular market niche. The ultimate objective of commercial advertisement is to generate business.

There are many kinds of commercial advertisements including T-Shirts, Ads in magazines and newspapers, etc. The purpose of placing commercial advertisement is to raise awareness of a product or service to a large audience. It can be any medium including, television, radio, print and internet.

Advertisers need to select the appropriate medium depending on their target audience and purpose of commercial advertisement. Television commercial advertisements generally aim at attracting mass audiences. They usually show celebrities or other well known people to create a public fascination with the product or service advertised. Advertisements in a magazine are meant to communicate a subtle message. The format of commercial advertisements in newspapers, magazines and online publications is different.

Print commercial advertisements are normally limited to a single word or a phrase. The print commercial also shows a picture or a sequence of images. TV commercial advertisements are given a more vibrant and vivid look to attract a wider audience. The TV commercial uses music, graphics or any other suitable technique to make the advertisement more attractive to the viewer. Learn more about New Zealand classified ads their other services by visiting their official sites.

The most important difference between print and commercial advertisements is that the former creates a long term impression on the viewer while the latter tends to create short-term interest. Television commercial advertisements are very popular among customers who watch commercial programs a lot. However, it has been found that most customers do not pay attention to commercials appearing on entertainment channels. Satellite television commercial advertisements have a similar effect on customers but are more visible to a large section of the audience. Customers are always in a rush and watching a commercial becomes an automatic response.

There are different types of media used for the commercial advertisement of a particular product or service. However, the effectiveness of any type of commercial advertisement largely depends on the design and the message of the commercial. A good advertisement will not only attract immediate attention but will also convince the viewer that the product he is purchasing is worth buying. A poor commercial will only cause the customer to ignore the advertisement and look for a better product to purchase.