Online games are very interesting. It is a new form of entertainment that provides us with many pleasures and is also good for health. Most games are based on action and adventure and can be played by people from all age groups. The games have been developed for both girls and boys equally. Most boys like to play games on the computer while girls like to play games using the PSP or the Game boys.

Most people might consider that the answer to the question ‘do I enjoy playing on-line games?’ depends upon one’s own interests and personality. Based on a survey completed by surveyors who work for one of the leading game companies, it was found out that most adults prefer playing online games than playing sports or going outdoors even if they are adults.

The survey was done to know the age rating of those who like to play online games and how they rate their performance. Most of the survey respondents indicated that they were old enough to enjoy the benefits of playing games online. These people indicated that they did not feel any effect even after many hours of playing them and rated their experience as ‘very good’.

While most of the respondents enjoyed playing online idn poker games, they considered that there could be some negative effects on their social behavior. Some of them were cynical about the fact that there could be some negative effects on their academic performance while playing online games. However, many of them thought that it might be a factor related to the habit of changing the screen resolution. They also said that these things could be avoided by choosing the right game for them and by practicing proper techniques while playing. People who are engaged in serious research about different things noticed a significant change in their academic performance after indulging in online games.

In the case of multiplayer gaming, people indicated that they can easily adjust their approach and style according to their individual performance. When asked what are the best online games for adults, they named defense of the earth, racing, shooting, action, and role playing games. When asked which type of game they consider as more exciting than the others, they mentioned sports and racing. The people were not very happy with the idea of spending too much time behind the PC and thus preferred to choose activities that require less physical activity. These people also indicated that they have found it hard to decide which type of online games they should choose.

However, all the members of this group had different perspectives regarding gaming and preferred to play either for fifteen minutes or for one hour per day. The people were of the view that the results of gaming are important and cannot be neglected. As far as they are concerned, playing online games helps in improving the problem of inattention and attention deficit disorder. They also wanted to play games for social purposes and to find new friends.