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Since Mac OS X Tiger has the Leopard engine that is used to run the Mac operating system, it can only read files that are made for Leopard and not other programs that are made for other operating systems. This is the reason why the file extensions of files that you encounter on your Mac disk will likely encounter a conflict with the ones that are used by your Mac OS X. This is also the reason why a lot of files that you encounter on your hard disk are likely to be corrupted and are no longer useful to you. When this happens, it will become impossible for you to continue working and since your work is likely to be unsuccessful, you probably will lose everything you have.

The good thing about Mac OS X Leopard and its larger hard drive is that it is able to work flawlessly with the Mac DiskWarrior utility application that was released in 2020. Although it still encounters several problems, this utility program still can work flawlessly with Leopard and other recent operating systems. However, you need to keep in mind that you should update the software on a regular basis if you want to maximize your productivity. This will help your Mac to work properly and you will likely encounter fewer complications while working with your Mac especially when you have to deal with large work documents that cannot be compressed or reduced in size due to certain limitations in the current storage capacity of your computer.