If you are bored of your daily routine, then try out a wide range of fun, silly and useless online games to soothe you during those useless days. Here at tired a lot you do not publish the usual shoot em up sort of in which every other website offers. You need to see the difference when you explore such silly games. They are the best solutions to your mental torture. Enjoy them to the hilt!

The most popular category of silly fun online games is a battle royale. This is one of the best online games, which a player can enjoy alone or with his/her friends. It involves an assortment of tricks and strategies where the player would have to use all his/her wits against the computer. The basic aim of the game is to defeat the computer in the least number of rounds. This has been the most popular game on several social networking sites where people relish in playing battle royale and enjoy immensely.

In addition to battle royale, another best online games is Escape Rooms and Remote Teams. Escape rooms and remote teams are a great source of relaxation among all. They allow the players to solve the mystery behind the virtual Murder Mystery and solve the riddles that are attached with it. For Escape Rooms, the player would have to put together the different items within a certain time. On the other hand, in case of remote teams, the player would have to create groups composed of three or more players and solve riddles together to win. Click here for more information about asikdewa.

Mobile devices are another source of enjoyment and fun online games. The fun that old school runescape offers its players is unmatched to any other. The mobile devices have enabled a change in the way people play the game as they can access the content on the internet from the comfort of their handsets wherever they go. All the players love this aspect and enjoy more while playing the game.

Riddle of the Stone is the top selling fun online games that is available on the internet for free. Lexulous, a boy, has to escape the cave with his friends who have disguised themselves as creatures of the forest. To get out of the cave, you have to solve riddles and thinking which object means a particular word. Once you solve a riddle, the level gets unlocked and the adventure continues as you have to make various decisions regarding the characters and their fates.

Apart from old school runescape and nebulous, another top selling fun online games are mobiles such as Pokemon pokedex, super Mario cracked etc. These online games are based on the famous Pokemon series that were carbonized in eighties. People all around the world have enjoyed this virtual game that involves catching or battling virtual creatures like the legendary Pokemon. You can join a virtual online team to participate in these virtual adventures. Here you will have to put up your best efforts and with the help of your friends you can bag all the pocket money!