Though puppies will eat adult chow, it will not provide them with complete nutrition. This is because puppies need higher fat and calorie content in their diets to support their rapid growth in their first year. Puppies use a ton of energy, and along with growing, they are incredibly active. Being attentive to puppy nutrition sets them on a path of healthy growth and development.

Wakshlag noted that it may not be the grain-free foods that are causing these issues, but rather the dogs themselves may be predisposed. Whole food ingredients and raw nutrition are all packed into convenient freeze-dried meals. This one is great for nutrition and easy for owners to use. This is also a nice choice for dogs with food sensitivities, as they are limited ingredients, easy to digest, and made so fresh.

Typically, dry puppy food has more carbohydrates than protein, which helps a growing puppy keep their energy needs met. the best food for puppies is also convenient as it requires little preparation. Many pet owners like to reward their dogs with treats, but it’s best to limit them.

We love that this canned product uses limited ingredients and can support large and small breeds. Both grain-inclusive and grain-free options are available. Full of flavor with loads of natural goodness, no artificial colors, flavors, or wheat gluten fillers. The Farmer’s Dog is a company that makes fresh frozen meals shipped directly to you. Meal plans can be customized by breed and individual dog’s needs. Along with being unable to store extra protein, dogs need twenty-two different amino acids, half of which they cannot produce naturally.

Large breed and small breed puppies also should not be fed the same thing if possible. For starters, the kibble size alone is extremely different. Smaller breeds need kibble that is smaller in size and full of nutrients. It can sometimes come in a pouch or plastic container, or even a loaf.

If you want to try a cheaper option, homeopathic veterinarian Dr. Christina Chambreau recommends the Farmer’s Dog, which also makes its food using fresh meat and vegetables. Each diet — chicken, turkey, beef, or pork — is customized to your dog and shipped to your house, ready to serve. Johnson also likes that Purina stands by its food and does not shy away from issuing voluntary recalls. “This means they test their product often and only allow food on the shelves if it passes their strict quality-control measures,” she says. Purina Pro Plan Focus is typically a hit with most puppies, she says. Also, this product is the best puppy food as it is easy to digest, good for bones and teeth, and keeps puppies energetic for the entire day.