If you’ve mastered Kai Bai Bo, then you can level up toMuk Jji Ppa. The game first starts off with Kai Bai Bo but instead of just one time, you play three times in a row. On the third time, whoever has the winning hand gets to be an attacker. Nol-ttwigi is very popular during many festivals, but according to tradition, it was first a game of upper-class female children.

A board, four sticks, and eight small tokens are included in the game. Your creative energies may be depleted, and you may be unable to come up with fresh ways to enjoy yourself. If that’s the case, try these Korean 먹튀카카오 games to pass the time.

This game is also called Korean Pogs in the Korean language. For example, if the piece lands on a space that the opponent is already occupied, the piece will have to be returned to the start. But if the piece lands on a space that belongs to the own team, the pieces will go together, making them unite into one piece. The team that has first managed to move all of their own four pieces around the board will win.

A number of points to achieve should be set up by teams before playing this game. The goal is to throw all the stones in the air and catch them all while still in the air. A version where players have to kick the Jegi then catch it in their mouths. While playing in a team, the participants’ order should be determined to know who starts first.

The rope is not like the ropes used in a typical game of tug of war, but was a rope that was knotted in the middle in the shape of a crab. During these competitions, songs and instruments would be played to excite the audience and create tension between the competitors. In the 1920s when crab production increased, the traditional game was ceased and made its return during special holidays. A variety of Pong Hau K’i, Gonu’s name and rules vary by region; examples are pond, line or pumpkin gonu.

Jegichagi (제기차기) is a traditional Korean game for all ages but is especially appreciated by kids, even if teenagers and adults can still play from time to time. However, an alternate version of the game also exists with larger-sized sticks that can be played both indoors and outdoors. In the episode featuring HYBE artists, those who answered the question accurately were given their packed lunch as a reward. This episode was conducted outdoors where the stars played strenuous activities beforehand.

Baskin Robbins is not only a delicious and popular ice cream chain in Korea, but a drinking game also carries the same name. In this game, players will sit in a circle, and unlike in the above game, each will take a turn to say a number in a designated order. Each round of the game finishes with the loser having to call out “31” and drinking. This is a classic drinking game played when drinking soju. Once the bottle has been opened, the strip at the end of the soju cap is twisted until it’s close to coming off, and then each player will take turns flicking the strip. The one who flicks the strip off is the loser and will have to drink a shot.

However, if the person with the garakji/object is caught, they are now the finder. Nowadays, people use cans with many holes that are filled with wood pieces and pine cones. The holes help the can to burn longer since air goes through it. As time passed, the original Jwibulnori and other games were made. The games were slightly changed to make them more enjoyable. One example of the game is people getting into groups and competing.